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Connecting a DEC VT-320 Dumb Terminal to Linux Mint

I'm running Linux Mint MATE 18.3 (Sylvia) on my primary desktop, and I recently decided I wanted to drag my DEC VT-320 dumb terminal out of storage and connect it as a console. One thing I did not want however, was it to be the primary console. Enabling a serial console on a systemd system is a relatively easy affair, once you find the

Using rsync to verify file trees match

I've been using rsync a bit lately. It's a pretty nifty tool. Nine times out of ten I just use rsync -avz source/* dest/ and let it go. But recently while trying to sort out the giant mess of data I've accumulated over the years into something manageable and useful, I discovered another use for it. Typically if I needed to

WSJT-X with the mcHF via USB

I wanted to use the WSJT-X software with an mcHF QRP radio. Specifically, I wanted to operate the FT8 mode and I wanted to use the mcHF's USB interface for CAT control and audio. An of course, I wanted to do all this on Linux Mint (18.3 Sylvia, MATE). I downloaded the .deb for WSJT-X from the site linked above, and installed it

Running N3FJP Field Day Logger under Linux

Over the last year or so I've converted most of my computers from Windows to Linux, typically Linux Mint. For Field Day 2017 I attempted to get the wonderful N3FJP Field Day Logger running on my Mint laptop. I tried both the Mono route, as well as Wine. I installed all manner of software, and generally made a giant mess. In the end, it was a

Configuring the Raspbian strech for the XPT2046 3.5" touchscreen

I have a Raspberry Pi 2, and recently received an XPT2046 3.5" touchscreen for it. The instructions included were spotty at best, but basically boiled down to replacing my kernel and some other random files, crossing my fingers, and hoping for the best. This is not how I wanted to install it so I took to Google searching for answers. I have mine

BC895XLT Programming Manual

While looking for Linux software for my old Uniden BC895XLT, I found reference to a (now missing) BX895XLT Programming Manual. I was able to dig it up on Archive.org, and have reproduced it on my own website for posterity.

Mounting a SMB share from a Transporter on Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia

I have a neat little device, though rather aged, called a Transporter. Basically I get the benefits of cloud storage, but I have to buy the disks, pay the electric and internet bill, and find somewhere to plug it in. When I purchased it, I was running all Windows machines. Since then I have transitioned to almost exclusively Linux. Unfortunately

Configuring the screensaver in Linux Mint MATE

I'm running Linux Mint MATE 18.2 (Sonya) on two PCs, and one of the things that I've found annoying is the inability to configure the screensaver in mate-screensaver-preferences. It all looks just like xscreensaver, but it's missing bits. My goal was to display a slideshow of pictures, located on a network share, without any panning or zooming or

Weather tools for migraine sufferers

I fall under the category of Chronic Migraine Sufferer, although my migraine is the lovely kind that started a few years ago and hasn't stopped yet. Regardless of your type of migraine, it's quite common to have weather changes as one of your triggers. Maybe you've found that usually when it rains or a storm system blows in your migraine appears,

Amazon Music Player and Chromium on Linux Mint

I run Linux Mint on my primary desktop. I also have a subscription to Amazon Prime. My music tastes shift around and I slowly drift between the various music services I have access to, as well as my personal collection. Recently I tried the Amazon Music player in Chromium 59 on Linux Mint 18.2. This was my first time attempting to play music from

Published on  June 20th, 2017