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Weather tools for migraine sufferers

I fall under the category of Chronic Migraine Sufferer, although my migraine is the lovely kind that started a few years ago and hasn't stopped yet. Regardless of your type of migraine, it's quite common to have weather changes as one of your triggers. Maybe you've found that usually when it rains or a storm system blows in your migraine appears,

Amazon Music Player and Chromium on Linux Mint

I run Linux Mint on my primary desktop. I also have a subscription to Amazon Prime. My music tastes shift around and I slowly drift between the various music services I have access to, as well as my personal collection. Recently I tried the Amazon Music player in Chromium 59 on Linux Mint 18.2. This was my first time attempting to play music from

GetSimple Blog and Time Zones

I use the GetSimple CMS and the GetSimple Blog Plugin on my website. Today I was informed by a friend that one of my recently posted blog posts was blank. After a bit of troubleshooting I finally narrowed it down to the fact that the posts were showing a posted-time in the future, and thus hadn't posted yet. I hadn't noticed this as once

Extracting a JPEG header with Python

A friend and I have been playing around with capturing images from LilacSat-1. Data loss is not unheard of when trying to recieve data from a small box hurtling through space. One of the issues we've run into is missing the first packets that include the JPEG header (for the sake of simplicity, we're going to temporarily redefine "JPEG

Negative PPM value for RTL_FM

A friend was setting up an APRS i-gate with a Raspberry Pi and an RTL-SDR receiver and ran into the issue that he needed to configure it for a negative PPM value for frequency correction. When providing rtl_fm with the PPM correction, it expects it in the format of rtl_fm -p nn where nn is the PPM value. The

Limiting my Caps Lock binding to Minecraft

I previously wrote about binding the left mouse button to the Caps Lock key. My goal was to use it specifically for Minecraft, however my implementation was broad enough to cover the entire OS. I've since written a wrapper script for the Minecraft launcher to deal with this. Let's take a look: MCRUNNINGFILE=~/.minecraft_running First off we need

Binding the caps lock key to the left mouse button

I play Minecraft. Somtimes I play a lot of Minecraft. When I play, I have a tendancy to want to build massive projects, which means I need to mine lots of resources. All that clicking and holding of the left mouse button starts to become uncomfortable after a while. I had a run in with a poorly designed mouse that debilitated my entire right