QBFreak.net Home

Welcome to qbfreak.net, the web presence of the one they call QBFreak. There's no telling what you might find lying about in the corner. Well, I sort of cleaned up since I originally wrote that line. There's not much here anymore.

I have a blog now. It's nothing fancy, but it makes a convenient place to share things with the Internets.

There are a few quick and dirty utilities I've written over the years. You can find them on the Programs page.

Otherwise your best bet is probably to find me on Mastodon.

Just what is a QBFreak anyway?

QBFreak has been my online handle since my family first got dial-up internet when I was in junior high. At the time I spent a lot of time writing QBasic programs, and wanted a name that reflected my passion. In the years since I've found that it's uniqueness has made it easy for me to register it on various sites without worrying about running into another QBFreak and having to pick another handle.

Published on  November 14th, 2018