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Welcome to qbfreak.net, the web presence of Jason Hill (aka QBFreak). There's no telling what all you'll find hidden in the remote corners of the site. I've thrown together a list of some of the major highlights below. You can always take a look at the Main web Index to see what else is here.

The site is organized into several major sections, or webs. The ones of interest are Main, Blog, and Programs.

home Main You are here
save Programs Little programs and bits of code I've written
stargold Blog My blog, focusing on the tech side of my life
globe Links Links to things I like or visit often
starred Picture Gallery Photos I've taken
person Contact Jason Hill How to get ahold of me
wip Current Projects Stuff I'm working on, or should be working on smile
pencil God Stuff He's the most important thing in my life
indexlist My Wishlist Stuff I want
wav Now Playing What am I listening to?

I'm sure there's also plenty more hiding out in far corners of the site, so don't be afraid to explore a little.

wip Because this site is wiki based, it is constantly changing. On occasion you might stumble across incomplete pages or broken links. Chances are, you've found something new I'm working on. Please pardon the mess smile

-- Created: JasonHill - 21 Mar 2006

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